Life of an EXPAT

Being away with your family is the hardest of all. You will be spending your day without them physically. You will arrive home alone or with your room mates, not with your family.

By that, you will have to cook for yourself, do your own laundry, grocery shopping, paying your own bills, dealing with work issues on your own. Unlike when you are at home, mom would ask how are you? how was work? then you can freely answer her and tell her your day.

Since you are away plus the time difference, you end your day by keeping it by yourself. If they are still up, you can ask them how they are and they will ask you back, instead of ranting about how your day was, you’ll say “it was fine” show them your beautiful smile.

You’re lucky if you have true friends, by the word true I mean the ‘real ones’. I am lucky I have. They are all from one city in Mindanao and I am from Visayas, Cebu. We all speak the same language. Each has a different attitude, we sometimes have issues but what’s good? we are able to cope it up and be peace with each other. ALL HAPPY!

But there will always some days, that you feel really down and you just want to be alone in your room, eat dinner, watch Netflix and chill, sleep and wake up for another day.

At work, sometimes I feel motivated sometimes not. I think this is normal, for everyone. Motivation, easy to say but difficult to maintain. They say always look up to your goals, one thing you need to have? Motivation, I think you get your motivation with the people you are surrounded aside from your goals in life. Getting support from your team isn’t enough, being happy in a team is hard work. In my standing? I am not sure if I am happy.

Unlike before, I am so eager to go beyond, now it’s different, I am counting the hours left until 6:00 pm. I am so eager to go home and be alone, cook, eat, hot shower, be in bed, relax and sleep.

I don’t think I am an introvert, I like being alone and I also like when I’m with my sweet friends. Whenever we hang out there’s never a boring minute. We always laugh out loud.

One more is the ‘Budget’ Ugh! I think everyone hates it, maybe some loved it but I do with both. I love it when I have enough (who else does not love having enough budget?) and I hate it when I am out of money.

Being an expat is not easy, you have to extend your patience and be more patient about everything.. EVERYTHING! You have to be strong as well. Most importantly, you have rely on to trust yourself. Because at the end of the day, no matter who you are with. Nobody can help you but yourself.


Put Yourself First

You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

I believe that once someone walked into my life, I should do everything I could to keep them. I kept thinking that people who come into my life need to stay there. But you have no idea how wrong I was.

I was so naive to think that everyone who comes along deserves a spot in my life and deserves a place in my heart, I kept ending up broken, betrayed and empty before. The worst part is that I did this to myself.

I kept hurting myself by not being able to accept the fact that not all people I love will love me back.

I think that the only next possible step is to stop. I will get there, learning to let go of the person who doesn’t value me and I’m walking away.

Because no matter how much I care, they will never going care for me. No matter how well I behave towards them, they’ll never return the favor or decide to be good to someone else. No matter how selfless I am, they’ll never stop being selfish.

Gamarjoba! Explore Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia founded in the fifth century. Its cobblestoned old town reflects a long, complicated history, with periods under Persian and Russian rule. Georgia is a small country situated on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. From the south-east, it has a border with Azerbaijan, from the south – with Armenia and Turkey, from the north – with Russia. The western part of Georgia is washed by the Black Sea.

Two of my friends out-of-no-where just decided to go to Georgia for 2 nights. We have been following Holiday Factory. They are offering the most convenient and cheap travel packages. Many of Dubai-expats, like me, would prefer choosing to travel with them as that has everything! From flight tickets, hotels, breakfast and hotel transfer! What else could ask for? 🙂

Booking with them is easy peasy. From Dubai, we traveled to Sharjah Airport. When we land at Tbilisi Airport, the Holiday Factory representative welcomed us with their warm smiles. All of the staff at the airport we very helpful and helpful as well.

Tbilisi International Airport

1;44 AM, arrived at Tbilisi Airport, you will have to go through their immigration lane. UAE residents are visa-free (woohoo!). The airport is not as big as DXB so after the immigration, you have to go down and collect your luggage from the luggage belt. You may take photos inside for souvenir. The Holiday Factory team are waiting outside with their warm smile. They will then gather everyone and give instruction. Make sure you listen carefully 😉

I suggest you purchase a Georgian sim card with data connection as this is really helpful for you especially using maps in the area if you want to roam around the city without a guide. You will find a lot of stalls that are selling sim cards, I bought Magticom with 5GB Data this combo cost 32₾ (around 44aed). From the airport, the team took us to the bus that’s waiting outside the airport that will drop us to our chosen hotel.

If you are traveling during winter, I suggest you wear your gloves and lovely jackets upon going out of the airport as it is freezing cold outside. We landed in Tbilisi with a freezing temperature of 1-degree Celsius.

Real Christmas Tree!!

We decided to do a DIY city tour. Through Google map and public posts from social media, we were able to do it! On our surprise, the places on our itinerary are just so near to each other. The photos below are the places we went to in order.

Tbilisi Smart Card

Tickets for a metro ride are 0.5 Lari flat fare and you need to have a smartcard. These are purchased at metro stations for 2 Lari and can be topped up with money. Smartcards are also used on buses, marshrutka and the cable car. Trains run approx. 5 minutes and enable reasonably quick travel around the city. There are 23 stations all over Tbilisi.

Taxis are one of the best ways of getting around the immediate city, as they can be found almost anywhere. Fares are very affordable, and should never cost more than a few Lari. I used Taxify (works like Uber) which the representative recommended, as most of the drivers speak the georgian language only, using this is the most convenient. All you have to do is to put your current location and add your drop off location.

Liberty Square
Freedom Square

We traveled from 300 Aragveli metro station to Liberty Square metro station. The Freedom Square is just next to Liberty Square, walking distance is approx. 10 minutes.

Gabriadze Theatre Clock

Rezo Gabriadze built a unique clock tower in 2010 next to marionette theatre in Tbilisi old town. Every hour an angel comes out with a small hammer to ring the bell. There is a small puppet theatre inside the tower.
The Circle of life– is a show which played twice a day.

Bridge of Peace

A bow-shaped pedestrian bridge and one of the most famous tourist spots in the city. It connects the district of Tbilisi old town with Rike park over Mtkvari River.

VIP Boat Cruise on Mktvari River

Stroll the city by the water! Easy, upon crossing Bridge of Peace and especially in Rike Park, there are a lot of locals and tourist company who will approach you and offer you with the boat cruise.

There were 2 guys at the edge of the bridge who offered boat cruise at 70 Lari, my friend Janille bargained it to 40 Lari (Lucky us!). We had an hour tour. During the cruise, they offered us their homemade wine (always trust your guts, if you feel like not taking any random drinks– then don’t!) but we did, it’s part of your adventure so why not!!! they also played party music which makes our trip so fun and exciting.

The famous “I ♥ TBILISI”

Had our lunch at Samitkino Georgian Cuisine. Ordered Georgian famous dish and spent less than 100 Lari. All the dish has a huge serving. We were three but didn’t finish it all! The pork was gigantic.

Tbilisi Aerial Cable Car

Next stop is the Tbilisi Aerial Cable Car, located just in the middle of Rike Part that connects you with Narikala Fortress. For only 1 Lari – gaze at the fantastic 360-degree views of the city from the large windows of the car and have an easy ride to the top of the hill. The ride is only a couple of minutes which I think which should slow and time travel could be longer so you can enjoy the view more.

Mother Fortress of Tbilisi

This will be your view on top of the hill. The name Narikala is said to derive from a Persian word for citadel, but another theory says was the name that Mongols used, meaning “little fortress”.

Fabrika Hostel Tbilisi

Located at Ninoshvili Street, this is where youngsters go, to party and drink as inside the hostel building has lots of bars to choose from. Take note, they sell super cheap shots! Recommended!

Shinvali and Gudauri Ski Resort – we booked the group tour from Holiday Factory. They will pick you up from your hotel at a scheduled time. First stop is Shinvali Lake. We were so lucky that it snowed days before and we were able to see snowy surroundings all the way to Ski Resort.

We had our lunch (included on the package) at a Georgian Restaurant on the way to Gudauri.

No special equipment needed, everyone loves playing in the snow!

Gudauri is young and rapid developing winter sports resort located in Kazbegi region of Georgia. The resort offers high-quality skiing opportunities. The slopes of Gudauri are completely above the tree line and are best for free-riders and are generally considered to be avalanche-safe. The ski season lasts from December to April. Heliskiing is also available throughout the season.

The Gondola lift is included on our package, so we didn’t bother to get ourselves a ticket. The guide will purchase the ticket for you, that’s your pass going and back to the ground.

The drop off from the ground gondola is by the intermediate skii trail. There is a coffee shop named “cafee” by the area where we had the best chocolate drink in the entire world! It was too creamy I swear.

the shot says it all!

The view of these alpine mountains are breathtaking, I was at my happiest!

Ended our night with a sumptuous Georgian dinner featuring the famous Khinkali (Georgian dumpling) then head the nearest Sulfur Bath.

Tbilisi actually earned its name from the natural hot springs that run under this part of the city, so these baths are a pretty important part of the area’s history.

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